About Ahmad Ali

Ahmad is the co-founder and CEO at Webbee Inc. He’s been working as a digital marketer for past few years and has worked with some notables names across different industries. He is also the developer of Webbee SEO spider, one of the most advanced SEO spider tool on the internet.

Robots.txt is an important file for better accessibility of website by search engines. It lets search engines know that where and how to look on website, what to crawl and what should be left. There can be situations where a page or pages are denied in robots.txt which shouldn’t be and vice versa. So, the […]

We are extremely happy to announce the release of Webbee SEO Spider 2.0.1. What is New? Although the release is minor one but this is predominantly for our free users to accommodate them. “Yes! Crawl limit under free version of Webbee SEO Spider has increased from 200 URLs to 500 URLs.” In last 2 weeks […]

In this article you will learn how to: Collect Necessary Data for SEO Audit Check and Fix Basics Issues across the Website Intelligently Use the Existing Power of Website Incorporate new Factors on Your Website Do you know how websites lost rankings for many of their important keywords? Well! There are two possible reasons: You are […]

DEPRECATED! Webbee SEO Spider is a desktop based java application that extracts HTML data from websites and store it in your local system. It’s free up to 500 URLs (unlimited crawls) for everyone. Below is the installation guide that how you can install and run seo spider. Application Requirements Webbee spider runs at windows platform […]

The Webbee Team is feeling very excited announcing that Webbee 2.0 is in the market. Below are the details about what you can get having Webbee at your side. Webbee 2.0 includes the following features: Crawl Modes Webbee contain different crawl options and modes. There are total five crawl modes which are equally helpful for […]