About Ahmad Ali

Ahmad is the co-founder and CEO at Webbee Inc. He’s been working as a digital marketer for past few years and has worked with some notables names across different industries. He is also the developer of Webbee SEO spider, one of the most advanced SEO spider tool on the internet.

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking whether we accept guest posts on Webee, and what is the process of submitting a post and getting yours accepted? So, we’ve decided to announce it publically that we’re now accepting guest posts for our blog. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Webee, read […]

What is the difference between a visit to the ER and routine checkups at the doctor’s office? While the former gets you immediate help in severe cases, the latter significantly minimizes your chances of ending up in an unpleasant situation.  When it comes to search engine optimization and your search presence in general, your website’s […]

How do certain sites look like this (see picture) in Google search results when searched for their brand keyword, but mine doesn’t? I recently got this question from a friend who wanted her site to appear like this in SERPs but wasn’t sure how to make it happen. So, I thought, instead of answering her […]

Too Busy to Audit Your Site? We Have A Good News For You. Webbee Digital Marketing Agency is offering a $1000 SEO audit for FREE. This is your chance to get an in-depth report of the problems you can fix and opportunities you can avail. In this comprehensive report, we’ll pinpoint every single leak and […]

Mac Users: Now You Can Also Perform Website Audit Within A Few Clicks The Webbee Team is thrilled to announce the release of Webbee 3.0; the improved version of Webbee 2.0.2 with some advanced features to make website auditing a worthwhile experience for you. What is New in Webbee 3.0? Webbee 3.0 is the improved […]

Webbee SEO Spider 2.0.2 is in the market now. What is New in 2.0.2? The release is a minor one; explained below. JRE (Java Runtime Environment) bundled with the installer. Now user does not need to explicitly install the JRE. The Webbee installer contains it in it. Just download and install Webbee and it will […]

Webbee SEO Spider is free for one month trial without any credit card requirement. Just follow simple steps, activate your product and enjoy the unlimited crawl. Create an Account Create an account on Webbee by signing up. A verification email will be sent to your provided email address while signing up to verify the account […]