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How to Become a Guest Post Contributor on Webbee

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking whether we accept guest posts on Webee, and what is

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking whether we accept guest posts on Webee, and what is the process of submitting a post and getting yours accepted? So, we’ve decided to announce it publically that we’re now accepting guest posts for our blog.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Webee, read on and we’ll tell you what we look for in a guest post and how you can submit one.

Our Audience

Our readership consists of SEO experts in making and people who are generally keen to learn about SEO, SMM and other related aspects of internet marketing. And, in general, any topic related to business category is acceptable.

So, if you’re planning to write something that can be of value to these people, you’re welcome to submit an idea.

Our Guidelines

We strictly accept only the posts that share actionable insights our readers can implement right away. Here are some rules you must follow to make sure your post gets accepted ASAP:

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  1. Your post must be original, should be written by you, and must not be published elsewhere.
  2. No advertisements within the post. This means you can’t mention your product or company’s name within the body of your post. However, you can include natural links where you’re sure that they’ll add value.
  3. Your idea should be unique. We don’t publish content that can be found at hundred other places on the internet. Make sure you bring something fresh to the table.
  4. Your post must contain scientific data or researches to prove your point. We don’t accept shallow content without any proof to back your claims.
  5. Add images to explain the process better.
  6. We might edit your post to make it better suited for our audience.
  7. We love detailed, in-depth posts. So, the more you get into the nitty gritty, the better.

Our Process

Ready to submit your post? Follow these steps:

Email your guest post idea and title to post_idea@eebew.com. Don’t send the completed post as that’s only going to waste your time and ours. We’ll look at your idea to see if it’s something we’d like to publish on our blog.

If your idea gets accepted, we’ll let you know in a week and ask you to send us the completed post. However, if you don’t hear back from us, that still doesn’t mean that your idea was bad. It simply means that your idea wasn’t suitable for our blog, and we’d like you to think of something different that meets our criteria.

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Look forward to your submissions!

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