Smartest Way to do Keyword Research for SEO

Whenever a business intends to offer a new product or service, the first stage is to calculate its

Whenever a business intends to offer a new product or service, the first stage is to calculate its demand. Based on the results of those calculations, the business owner decides whether or not the product will be profitable for them. In simple words, how much people need a product is what determines the success of a business.

So, Keyword Searches are Actually the Demand of Product

Now when we come to online marketing, the demand of any product/service is described by what people search (keywords) and how often they search it (keyword searches). This makes keywords evidently the most important factor in digital marketing, particularly in Search Engine Optimization. They decide the fate of a website.

The Tricky Part

People search millions of queries daily on Google and this is the case that people from different regions often search for the same thing. Together these queries amount to the number of times a keyword is searched (keyword searches). So, you can say that there are millions of queries with thousands of searches and you have to select hundreds from those millions to target on your website. The best that can happen is you select the best keywords and capture the market. But if your selection is wrong, you’ll end up being another small fish in the pond.

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Finally, What is Keyword Research?

The process of selecting the “best” keywords for a website is called keyword research.

But the question is, how do you know that which keywords describe your product and how to search them?

The complicated answer to this question can be:

But guess what?

The easiest way is to get keywords from your competitors, as they have already done the hard work. You just need to understand what keywords they are using, and how they are using them.


Below is a guide to help you get the work done.

Find Your Biggest Competitor (or Competitors)

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First step is to find a competitor who is ranking for most of your niche keywords. You can search for all your competitors in SEMrush search interface by putting and analyzing your website URL in there.

find competitors in semrush

If you do not get a good competition level, you may also search with your websites’ prime keywords.

find competitors with keyword

By searching the keyword, top SERPs will be displayed to you and from there you can pick out your competitors.

Download and Install Webbee SEO Spider

2nd step is to download and install Webbee SEO Spider on your computer.

download webbee seo spider

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Run the Crawl under Keyword Intelligence Mode

Now put the URL in crawl under keyword intelligence mode and start it. Webbee will extract all the keywords that your competitor has used in Titles, Heading tag (h1) and as anchor texts. These three are the prime locations where your most important keywords are normally placed.

Note: A 30 minute crawl will do the job for you.

Keyword intelligence ModeKeywords research mode

Get Keywords from semRUSH

Meanwhile, put the URL in SEMrush and download competitor’s top ranked keywords from there.

top keywords from semrush

Download Keywords from Crawl

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Crawl time would have completed while you finish your work at SEMrush. Download all the keywords from crawl. You will see most targeted keywords by your competitors in crawl report (as Webbee crawls all the keywords from titles, headings (h1) and anchor texts.) mentioned twice.

download Keywords in excel

Combine the Data

Now merge all the keywords that you’ve collected from Webbee and SEMrush into one sheet.

Calculate their Worth using Keyword Planner

Next step is to take their searches from keyword planner. This step will help you to filter out the irrelevant or less searched keywords.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Now delete the less important keywords and you have a fine list of the most important keywords that you need to target.

Voila! It’s Done

These are the keywords suggested to you by your competitors ☺. Use them for you website.

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