SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of getting traffic naturally from search engines.

WWW (World Wide Web) is an accumulation of billions of webpages containing different sort of information that cannot be search by human. So, here come the search engines and do this job for them. They collect the information from WWW, organize them and give simple interface to the users so that they can search the information they need.

search engine interface

Why is SEO Important?

When search engines gather data from WWW they perform many analysis and store the collected data into databases. The other hand; they have millions of daily users that use them to search for information they want. So basically search engines play an intermediate role between the user and the information they are looking for. See below image for better understanding.

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search engine science

In above image “Data Processing by Algorithms” is the part where SEO comes in. This section processes the data and rank the webpage for search queries relevant to that webpage. Let us have a deep look.

data processing section of search engines

This processing section is basically SEO. So, need of the hour is to feed that section with best seo practices and search engine optimization techniques that are being guided by search engines and can help you ranking your website in SERPs.

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