All those elements that can be handled directly by the webmasters and also impact search engine rankings are called on page seo elements.

On page factors are actually the key elements that are responsible for building most of the trust among search engines for any website to give it better ranks. These factors include title, Meta tags, heading tags, text content, effective internal navigations etc. From start to end we can divide these elements in small sections.

Basic On-Page SEO Elements

Such elements which are necessary for any webpage are being categorized into this category. We can also state that without these elements it’s almost impossible for any website to get ranked by search engines. Below is a list.

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Webpage Indexing Elements

All those elements that help in improving indexing of webpages and of entire website are categorized in this section. These factors let the search engines decide that which section they should visit on a website, what should be crawled and what should be left. Have a look on such elements.

  • Meta robots tags: index, follow, no-index, no-follow
  • Sitemaps: (XML sitemap, image and video sitemaps)
  • Robots.txt

Webpage Availability (Header Status Codes)

This section contains server response codes. Servers send a status code whenever a resource at given location on a website is being requested by any user or search engines. These status codes contain the information that webpage exists or does not exists on requested location, has moved to other location or server cannot fulfill the request at that time. Let us have a look on code schemes that are related to search engine optimization.

  • 200 OK – resource is fine and available (2xx)
  • Redirects – resource has moved to other location (3xx)
    • 301 redirect: resource has permanently moved
    • 302 redirect: resource has temporarily moved
  • Resource not found: (4xx)
    • 403 forbidden: resource cannot be rendered
    • 404 not found: resource does not exist
    • 410 gone: means that resource on that page has permanently gone and we do not expect it to come back
  • Server errors: (5xx)
    • 500 internal server error: server is facing problems in rendering the resource
    • 503 service unavailable: server cannot fulfill the request at that time

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Semantics Integration

These elements do not directly affect SEO of any webpage but they are of great importance for defining the context (semantics) of webpage and increasing its click through rate (CTR). They develop an understanding for search engines and for social media website about visiting webpage. These mainly include:

  • Schema Markups (microdata)
  • Open Graph (facebook semantics integration)
  • Twitter Card (twitter semantics integration)

All above elements play vital role in optimizing a webpage in search engines for pre-defined keywords. So, make sure you are not losing hands on them.

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