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Links that appear at the bottom (footer) of your page are called footer links. These links are usually

Links that appear at the bottom (footer) of your page are called footer links. These links are usually un-noticed by your visitors and the search engines too don’t pay them much attention. It is the place where you add links to non-landing pages, like your “About us” page, “Privacy Polity” or “Contact us” page.

Benefits of Footer Links

Despite their low value, footer links are still beneficial to your website. They carry importance for both users and the search engines. Read on to find out more.

How Footer Links Affect Usability

With internet the information is now available at your footsteps. This easy access to information has made users intelligent. They now know that which information would be available in what section of a webpage when landed on a website. For example:

  • If they want to visit important webpages on your website, they will search them in menu links.
  • If their intention is to visit popular webpages or latest posts, they will navigate to sidebar link.
  • And if they want to know about your company, services, contact information, privacy policy etc. they will visit the footer section. Because a high percentage of webmasters keep these information in footer area. It’s a trend now.

So, need of the hour is to link such webpages through your footer instead of putting them in menu, sidebar or other sections.

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How Footer Links Affect SEO

As explained earlier footer section, also known as boilerplate, is least important in internal navigation. In SEO footer links transfer minimum page worth to linked webpages in all internal linking schemes. That is why their impact in SEO is minimal.

Footer Links Best Practices

From SEO perspective footer links are almost insignificant. They may slightly help in keyword ranking. But from user perspective they have some importance to be discussed.

Footer Area: The other angle

Steve Jobs was a genius. He suggested putting equal efforts to design the backside of IPhone as other smart phone companies were neglecting its importance. And today IPhone is the only smart phone that people use without handicapped back covers.

Footer area is just like backside of a mobile phone. People rarely reach this section but when they visit they should be welcomed with something interesting and attention grabbing. Put some slider over here or engage user with some interesting question or facts. It might become the reason for their revisit to your website.

Place Link to the Company Webpages

A simple question; when it comes to brand a business, what webpages have more significance to being displayed to the users;

  1. The ones having lengthy content and product summary
  2. Information about the company?

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Yes! Option B. So, place links to company webpages in footer to increase user interest to explore your company. Next time they might be searching for your brand/company in Google instead of products you offer.

While it is true that footer links do pass link juice, and have some importance in the overall SEO strategy of your website, but you should not rely on them as your primary tactic in the entire SEO game plan, rather use them for better user experience. Adopt above mentioned practices wisely and you can surely get the best out of your footer area.

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