About Asim Mughal

Asim is the co-founder and DOP at Webbee Inc. He is a digital marketing expert and works with business owners to help them increase their revenue through effective online marketing techniques. He has co-created Webbee SEO Spider Tool. He is also the contributor on top authority sites like: Entrepreneur, TNW, Mediapost, Semrush and Lifehack etc.

Wix and Squarespace are the two powerhouses of website building sites. These two are the entire competition among the website builders. As more than half of the websites that are developed through a website builder are set up by them. Both of the rivals spend enormous amounts of money on ads to sway the customers […]

Do you have a social media account? There is a very high chance you do! Apart from being the perfect medium to connect with your friends, such platforms have become a focus of many brands. In fact, you might have often heard marketers claiming that social media is the ultimate tool for reaching potential customers. […]

If you’ve been around the block in online business, you know how awful it can be to have a negative review or comment. And if that review appears on Google, that’d be a nightmare you’d never want to experience. Therefore, it’s always important to know how not to panic and handle such situations calmly and […]

Broken links are dead links on a website. These are, in fact, internal links that point towards 404 pages. Although broken links do not directly impact a site’s ranking in search results but they can hurt the visitors badly and can cause a negative experience for them. Imagine a user landed on your website after […]

For any website to secure higher rankings in Google search results, it’s necessary to include relevant keywords. These keywords tell Google what your site is about so it can display your site when someone searches for the product or service you’re offering. However, it’s often hard for newbies to find the right keywords for their […]

Do you know the craziest thing SEO firms face when dealing with new clients? They demand of instant improvement in search results, and increase in traffic and revenue. Your clients do not want to understand how search engines work, or how different ranking factors impact the SERPs. What they want are the SEO Quick Wins […]

Web links are important to hook up different web pages to make a connection between them so that user finds it easy to traverse among different, but relevant, web pages. What is a Broken Link? A link that directs the user to a “Not Found” page is called broken link. These links can result in […]

Whenever a business intends to offer a new product or service, the first stage is to calculate its demand. Based on the results of those calculations, the business owner decides whether or not the product will be profitable for them. In simple words, how much people need a product is what determines the success of […]

Many times you have seen Google results with extra information that attracts and push you to click that website link. That extra information can be in form of rating of a product, events information, Geo locations etc. Google name that extra information as “Rich Snippet” because it has information that those normal search snippets do […]