Do you have a social media account? There is a very high chance you do! Apart from being the perfect medium to connect with your friends, such platforms have become a focus of many brands. In fact, you might have often heard marketers claiming that social media is the ultimate tool for reaching potential customers. […]

The world as it is today has undergone and is still undergoing dramatic changes. This is especially so in the world of information and communication technology. Technology alone has singlehandedly changed the way we do things. It affects the way we do business, the way we communicate, the way we travel, and so many other […]

Many entrepreneurs think that sending physical emails nowadays is not the trend anymore. After all, we are currently in the digital age, and it’s much faster and economical to send newsletters and brochures to the email address of potential customers. However, even if companies turn to internet marketing, emails, and social media today, direct mails […]