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How to Make Creative Direct Mail Campaigns

Many entrepreneurs think that sending physical emails nowadays is not the trend anymore. After all, we are currently

Many entrepreneurs think that sending physical emails nowadays is not the trend anymore. After all, we are currently in the digital age, and it’s much faster and economical to send newsletters and brochures to the email address of potential customers.

However, even if companies turn to internet marketing, emails, and social media today, direct mails are still highly-effective. Customers can hold them physically, and others love getting personalized messages in the mailbox. This results in increased leads, improved communication with customers, raising your company’s visibility, and promoting discount coupons.

With direct mail, you can set your creativity into high gear. The letters are not limited to fonts, colors, and sizes. Instead, you can add handwritten cursive letters and decorate the cards with ribbons. Many creative direct mail campaigns were designed to call the receiver into action. It could be going into the local shop to exchange their voucher or check out the latest deals in many online stores.

How to Make Creative Mails

  1. Send A Lumpy Letter

The first goal of the campaign is to make customers open the letters in the first place. Customers receive many mails every day, and when yours is lumpy to the touch, it immediately makes them notice it. People are naturally curious, and this trait eventually gets to them.

Afterward, it’s your creativity and personalization that will take the job to the next level. An example is a campaign taken by Nike to encourage children to go into athletics. The company sent out bulky shoeboxes as limited editions. When a customer opens a box, they will find a small print of the stadium inside, complete with the crowds’ roar. The lumpy mails produce the effect that the companies want.

  1. Add Bits of Texture

When someone is going through their mail, the last thing you want them to do is to discard the letter you sent them. One of the creative ways you can prevent them is to make your letter more eye-catching than the others and add some texture. Know more about marketing guides with direct mails in this link here.

Others may go with embossed letters, while there are some like the tomato splat that targeted young professionals to give laundry services a try. They were asked to open a mail with a tomato that the audience should “splat” on a white shirt. Because of the added texture, many were curious about the company, and the website saw an increase in traffic by about 15%.

  1. Add Sample Products

Customers love any products if they were given for free, and this is something that you can include in your direct mails. Sample products plus discounts are great for businesses with enough budgets. They are handy if you have already done a few campaigns in the past with a good response rate.

Samples are an effective way to attract more customers who don’t want to try new products out there. Also, this is an excellent way of introducing newly developed products and asking the public for feedback. The fragrance and makeup industries are good in these and they have higher ROI for most of them.

  1. Send Out 3D Mailers

Differentiate your company by sending out 3D mailers. A prism, box, or tube with 3D designs is bound to catch attention in one way or another. Customers who have additional instructions on their hands will be curious, and they can take things to the next level to know what the items inside really look like.

For example, Google sent a holographic prism with instructions to their customers. Read more about holography here: people were asked to go on YouTube and watch videos on how they can see a picture in the prism using their phones. This campaign showed a surgeon the video, and users were sharing these on their social media profiles.

The examples above are just some of how you can get creative with your direct mail campaigns. You can brainstorm with everyone in your company and develop a unique ad that showcases your company’s theme. Others get the help of experts to choose tried and proper methods of improving their direct mails to make their companies unforgettable in their potential buyers’ minds.

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