The Importance of Responsive Website Development to Your Business

The world as it is today has undergone and is still undergoing dramatic changes. This is especially so

The world as it is today has undergone and is still undergoing dramatic changes. This is especially so in the world of information and communication technology. Technology alone has singlehandedly changed the way we do things. It affects the way we do business, the way we communicate, the way we travel, and so many other things.

A huge part of this is the World Wide Web and the internet. Like it is said, it has turned the world into a global village where interaction can be fostered easily and rapidly amongst people no matter where they are located.

There are several subsets to the web and the internet but an important part of these are websites. Websites are no doubt one of the most important elements of the internet. They are a collection of web pages as well as related content that are transmitted over the internet. This is done through the use of internet protocols, facilities, and other tools such as servers, domain names, IP addresses, and many more.

In these modern times, websites are important to everyday life for businesses and clients alike. It is a place to meet with people, express your opinion, inform them, market your products, get feedback, and so many other things. It all depends on what you intend to achieve with your website and the activities that you want visitors to your site to get involved in.

There are several types of websites but most are typically dedicated to a particular purpose or topic. This can include e-commerce, education, news, entertainment, etc. It can even be a personal website about a person’s life or brand. Virtually all companies and businesses own a website because they understand its importance. In fact, as a company or business, you are of little relevance if you do not have an internet footprint by owning a website.

Web Development

No matter what kind of website you have or that you intend to build, it has to go through the process of web development otherwise called web design. Web design includes several skills and disciplines involved in the production as well as maintenance of websites. It refers to how a website is constructed and then displayed over the World Wide Web and the internet. There are several aspects to this as well as tools that are used in creating a website.

Before now, web design focused more on designing websites for wide screens such as desktops computers and later for laptops. However, in recent years, the focus has shifted to other devices too.

Going back to what was said earlier about technology, phones of various types have been available over the years and they are used for communication. In more recent years, through advancements in technology, there has been an evolution of other types of phones called smartphones as well as mobile devices like tablets and smart wristwatches.

These devices are typically portable, that is, they are easy to carry about. They have smaller screens than computers, they are fast, powerful, have embedded rechargeable batteries, and many other features. To add to all these, they can do almost anything a computer can do.

These devices come with apps and programs that allow you to do almost anything. You can type and read documents, send and receive emails, watch movies, play games, stream music and videos, etc. To make things interesting, you can also access the web through web browsers installed on them.

Due to this, more and more people are attached to their smartphones and other mobile devices. They spend more time interacting with them than with anything or anyone else. For this reason, modern web design focus not only on computers but on developing websites for mobile devices as well. This type of web design method is called responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

As most websites were designed for computers, a person on a mobile device will have to pan the site with their thumb and another finger in order to read the contents of the site. The user then has to slide to see other information displayed as it cannot be captured in a single view of the page. A lot of the time, information is lost this way and it is not easily navigable or user-friendly for mobile device users.

Responsive web design services came as a solution to this. It is a method of building websites in a way that it can be accessed over several devices no matter their size. It can also be said to be a design that is user-friendly. It is easy to navigate and it displays all the elements in a way that fits into a user’s screen. What this means is that three people can visit the same website with three devices of different sizes such as a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet. The website display fits right into each of their devices without missing any important information or details.

Why Responsive Web Development Is Essential To Your Business

As alluded to above, first of all, you need to have a presence on the internet via a website. This is the way most people will interact with your business. Also, a larger percentage of people accessing your website are going to be doing so using mobile devices. Imagine they are finding it hard to navigate, read, or get what they need from there. They most likely will go to your competition who has a more user-friendly interface. With a responsive design, you can

  • Increase your reach.

According to a study, over 57% of responders say they will not recommend a business with a poor mobile website. Also, over 60% of online sales come from mobile devices and when people are on the move, it does not stop them from interacting with your site. Additionally, three out of four people use their smartphones for an online search in order to address whatever needs that they might have.

  • Have proper data, tracking and analytics.
  • Have better search engine optimization.
  • Get more conversions, more sales, and ultimately more revenue.
  • Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Reduce cost and time used for content management as you can do it at once across all devices.

You can find more reasons to do so from this article.


With so many users accessing the web with their mobile devices, it only makes sense to provide an avenue where this can be made easy. After all, the desire is to make more people visit your website and patronize your business. With a responsive web design, you can have this and much more.

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