SEO Strategy to Keep Clients Happier and Longer

SEO Strategy to Keep Your Clients Longer and Happier

Do you know the craziest thing SEO firms face when dealing with new clients? They demand of instant

Do you know the craziest thing SEO firms face when dealing with new clients? They demand of instant improvement in search results, and increase in traffic and revenue.

Your clients do not want to understand how search engines work, or how different ranking factors impact the SERPs. What they want are the SEO Quick Wins which you must provide if you want to retain that client.

So how do you deliver results in such a short period of time?

Obviously, no one wants to lose a precious client, so there must be some quick hack to deal with such situations effectively.

And guess what?

You are going to learn some Pro SEO techniques today! Although SEO is “Slow and steady wins the race” game but if a website is a little old in age, some ethical and white hat SEO techniques can turn the game for you and your client. Let’s get busy.

Make an SEO Strategy to Identify Low Hanging Fruits

Start off by identifying and fixing the action items that can generate instant results. Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

Fix Duplicate Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and Headings (H1) Issues

First, identify duplicate page titles, Meta descriptions and Headings on your client’s site. Here’s how you can do it efficiently.

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  • Install webbee SEO Spider and crawl the entire website. The tool will crawl all pages and identify duplicate titles, Meta description and headings. You will also know about Short/Long page titles, meta descriptions and headings. When the crawl is complete, download your report.
  • Now replace those duplicate titles, meta descriptions and headings with unique ones.Remember, you have to put your target (high searches) keywords within titles and Headings (H1) if you want to please Google. Although keywords in Meta description don’t impact the ranking, but a catchy and well written description can increase the CTR of your page.  This process will help you target more keywords. More keywords mean more impression which can lead you towards good clicks.

You can follow these guide to find the best keywords for your website:

Fix Broken Links

With Google Penguin in your way, it is very difficult to earn quality backlinks from other websites without a solid reference. But you shouldn’t forget about your existing backlinks either, while fighting for new link opportunities. Most clients lose their backlinks during site migration or by removing unwanted pages. So this is the time to fix them.

Salvage Broken Links Smartly

First, download a report containing all your backlinks using , or These are paid tools to get backlink report. If you are on a tight budget, you can use some free alternatives like Webmeup. Although, the data provided by this tool is less detailed in comparison to the paid tools, but you can still use it.

Here is a sample backlinks report downloaded from Majestic.

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In the third column you can see Target URLs. These are the URLs that are receiving backlinks. Copy your website URLs in a .txt file and save it.

Now it’s time to identify the broken links from above selected links. You have to check http status for all these pages.  For this again you can use Webbee SEO Spider.

Run Webbee SEO Spider tool and go to list mode.


Upload your saved .txt file by clicking the “Select File” button.


Once your file is uploaded, press start button to check http status of the urls.

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When crawl is complete, export the report in CSV format.


With these simple steps you can find some quality links that were live in past but are broken now.

Have a look at the following example of one of our clients.

With this simple SEO Strategy we found some 404 pages (Page Not found) and also pages with 302 redirection status code.


These 404 pages had multiple quality links and our client was losing them unintentionally. (You can use majestic to check your own backlinks against 404 pages.)


In the above image, you can see that one of 404 pages had more than 300 backlinks from 87 unique domains. Which meant that this domain could get hundreds of backlinks with one quick fix.

Action Plan
        • Create new pages with same URL to reclaim your lost backlinks
        • If it’s not possible to create new page for any reason, redirect (301) these 404 pages to a relevant webpage.

Next we also found some pages having 302 status code with this simple SEO technique that also had a number of links pointing to them.


One URL had 127 backlinks from 47 unique domains but it was redirecting with 302 redirection code. Since redirection with 302 status code does not pass link juice to redirected URL, our client was losing links juice.

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Action Plan
        • Change redirection from 302 to 301 (Permanent Redirect) to retain link juice.

Opportunities from Google Search Console

For this, you must have Google Search Console (Webmaster) access of your client’s website.

After logging in, click on the “Search Analytics” tab.


Search Console shows a maximum of three Months old data. Select those three months in date range to get maximum data.


After selecting maximum available date range, you’ll be able to download maximum available search queries data. Download all search queries in excel.


Now the tricky part of this SEO Strategy is to identify search queries (Keywords) that can lead you to quick wins. Here’s a simple guide to help you do the job easily.

Open downloaded search queries data and a filter on “Average positions” column to select data from 11th to 30th position.


Conversely, you have to select those keywords that are ranking on 2nd and 3rd pages in search results. These are the keywords that are low hanging fruits and can improve your ranking instantly, with comparatively less efforts.

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After filtering these keywords, optimize them. Below are some ways that you can use to optimize them.

        • Use these keywords in Titles, in case your title is not previously optimized i.e. old keywords have 0 searches
        • Add new content with these keywords on concerned pages
        • Add internal links on relevant pages using these keywords as anchor text
        • Use these keywords in your backlink campaign (do not make them look spammy)
        • You can also use these keywords in you images as ‘alt tag’ etc.

These simple SEO tactics can dramatically improve your clients’/website rankings and eventually, generate thousands in revenue.

Now it’s your turn to implement these SEO tactics and turn the tables for you. And when you do, don’t forget to share your results with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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