Even in the age of online shopping, many Filipinos still choose to visit malls and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. According to a report, shopping malls remain an integral part of the Pinoy lifestyle, and are still the go-to spaces due to the lack of public parks. As a store owner in the bustling metropolis, how do you compete and grab your share of customers? You can use any of these stand-out strategies to attract customers, and get them through your doors.

  • Put up a Phone-Charging station

To say that Filipinos love smartphones is an understatement. Smartphone ownership in the country is expected to reach 70% of the population in 2020, or 77 million people. Despite there being that many people who have smartphones, not all of them carry power banks or always have their phones fully charged. Eventually, some of them will run out of battery power and they’ll be looking to charge their phone.

Make the most of this by setting up a mobile charging area at your store. Provide a functional USB charging hub with Apple and Android cables, and set it up on a table with a couple of chairs. You’ll soon have people at first wanting to charge their phones, then browsing your wares, and finally making a purchase. Even if they don’t buy, you will be remembered for offering a useful service and they’ll keep your store in mind.

  • Have a Lounge Area

Shopping can be tiresome, and some shoppers will be looking to rest their aching feet and relax before heading home. Use this as an opportunity to entice them to have a look in your store, by offering the use of a small lounge area. Place comfortable chairs and offer complimentary drinks like tea or coffee – most any type of drink will be appreciated since it’s free. Add a small TV tuned to shows aligned with your wares. If you sell cookware, air cooking shows. If you sell sporting equipment, tune to sporting events.Tired shoppers will get the picture, lounge for a while, and eventually browse for items to buy.

  • Use Eye-Catching Signage

As simple a device your store signage is, you can turn this into a creative attention-grabber. Be sure to hire expert outdoor sign manufacturers to assist you in creating a well-design store sign, and/or way-finding signs. If your store sign is catchy enough, not only will you get the attention of passersby and convert them to walk-in customers, you could get the bonus of them promoting your store for you, if they share an image of your sign and storefront on their social media accounts.

  • Use Social Media

In this digitally-dominated age, you must have a presence on social media. You can generate actual store traffic by posting regularly on your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Social media is also useful in conducting far-reaching promo efforts. For example, you can pose a simple question to your fans, then reward them with a significant discount on certain items, or give them a prize. Your Facebook and Instagram accounts are also a great way to feature new products or get suggestions from your customers. Engage with your market; when they see you listen, they’ll respond by visiting your store.

  • Make your Store Pet-Friendly

You can put out some water bowls and give a few treats to the dogs or cats of passing shoppers. Have doggie bags handy to allow pet owners to clean up in case of any accidents. When your store establishes its reputation for being pet-friendly, shoppers will make repeated visits and will promote your store on social media. Before using this strategy, be sure to check your lease contract for stipulations on admitting pets.

These are some of the many clever come-ons you can do to get more customers to visit your store. Note that getting people to visit your store is only half the battle; you’ll have to deliver excellent service, present your product well, and do everything else that will convert these casual shoppers into your loyal customers.

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