Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: Mixing the Real and Virtual in a Business Setting

If you’ve heard of virtual reality, or you have an idea of what Pokemon GO is, then you

If you’ve heard of virtual reality, or you have an idea of what Pokemon GO is, then you definitely have an idea of what augmented reality is. It’s when you superimpose images onto the real world, usually through cameras on mobile devices. But now as the technology is being developed more, it’s not limited to just games, but has also moved on to the business sector. This is especially useful now that people can’t go out as much due to the pandemic. The following are some of the ways it is changing businesses as we speak.

Giving People Virtual Tours

Tours are a great way for people to explore a place, may it be a tourist destination or a model house. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go out of their house to do so, especially now that there’s danger of illness. Augmented reality can provide people with a way to tour a location without needing to go there. For example, certain apps used to sell property have this feature aside from being able to show you basic information as you search for different houses in an area.

Creating Designs

Often, what’s drawn on paper is vastly different from how it would look in three dimensions as an actual object. But with augmented reality, it’s now possible to create product designs and see how they would look in the real world at the same time. It can save time by eliminating the need to literally get back to the drawing board, and instead make changes on the fly. There’s also little need to worry about scale, as one would constantly have objects in the surroundings to refer to.

Simulating Procedures for Training

If you’ve played any simulator game, such as Surgeon Simulator or Cooking Simulator, then you’re likely aware that you can do training virtually. Games based on this are rather inaccurate, but there are actual apps and programs that use augmented reality in order to show people how to do various activities. What’s great about this is that they are shown something close to the real thing, in their actual appearance, and people can learn by doing in a safe environment.

Trying Things Before Buying

One activity that people are seeing as a challenge is how to be sure that something they buy is fit for them without being at the store itself. It’s even a bigger truth now that online transactions are the safest ways of purchasing items. Augmented reality makes trying things, such as clothes and home remodels, possible even from a distance. And the biggest advantage of it is that even though it may not be perfectly accurate, it can give you a good idea of how items look without damaging anything.

Mobile devices have come a long way from simply making calls and sending messages. Now, businesses can use them to give various kinds of virtual demonstrations using augmented reality technology. It can make people’s lives easier as well as safer while the global crisis is ongoing as well.

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