Getting A Higher Ranking For Your Products on Amazon

It would be nothing short of an understatement to say that the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 changed our

It would be nothing short of an understatement to say that the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 changed our lives at the very least. Indeed, almost everyone’s life has been touched in unimaginable ways by the virus, for some simply inconvenient and others completely devastating.

Even barring the upsetting physical and mental toll it has taken on humanity, our society did not scrape by without any damage either. People and governments are seeing how we have had to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances that are largely outside of our control.

One of the consequences of those changed conditions is the severe impact on the economy. The airborne transmission and the nature of the coronavirus have made it impossible for some businesses to function as they usually would, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and theaters, on account of their reliance on in-person communication. As a result, many of them have had to close their doors forever because of a lack of budget.

A silver lining

However, not everything is as gloomy as it seems. There is a particular section of the economy that has thrived during the pandemic. Yes, we are talking about the retail industry. Although many stores had to remain closed because of the national stay-at-home orders, the internet proved to be an essential tool in sustaining these companies.

While the rise of e-commerce has been gradually building with the advent of the internet, the boom it made at the pandemic’s start has been unprecedented. Sure, people were ordering clothes, take-out, and other products to be delivered to their homes for years before this. But nothing can compare to the frankly astronomic increase in online orders since 2020.

Some sources claim that this rapid shift to e-commerce boosted its progress by five whole years! This means that we are almost half a decade ahead of schedule in the development of online retail.

Nevertheless, although it might sound simple, online trade is much more complicated than imagined. While as the customer, you might think there is not much to it but selecting the products you need, entering your credit card information, and putting in the delivery details, there is a bigger issue at play here.

Behind the scenes

Indeed, this process may seem easy and straightforward for us, but it results from a lot of work done by a multitude of teams. Namely, for everything to be running smoothly and avoid any website crashes or transaction errors, a group of software developers usually ensures that the process from your cart to order confirmation is seamless. After all, no one wants to end up paying for something they never receive!

Additionally, to even get you to the checkout page, the company must market itself well to its target audience, even more so if they are a local business that not many people know of. E-commerce provides an advantage for small companies because now they do not need to rely on the people from the surrounding community buying from the store when they can ship all over the country! Find out all about this subject on this page.

Unfortunately, not many small businesses have the budget and the resources to launch their own websites or pay a marketing team for a holistic advertising campaign. Sustaining both of those teams requires a lot of money, and local companies are already at a disadvantage when competing in the big leagues.

Therefore, it is no surprise then that so many of them decide to partner up with large resellers to provide the marketing and software resources to sell their products. Large corporations like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Wish, offer tiny businesses the option to advertise their merchandise and reach their target audience from the millions of people using their websites at the price of a commission.

However, that does not mean that they are out of competition. In reality, they might even have more competition than they have ever had before! To win over a large audience, you have to prove yourself to them and convince them why you are the better choice.

More specifically, for Amazon, there are three fundamental rules that you should follow to improve your chances of increasing sales. You want your product to be the first one potential customers see when searching the keyword for it. But this is easier said than done. Stick with us as we outline some tips and tricks on how to get your merchandise to the front page of Amazon!

Visibility hacks

First of all, make sure that you have automatic targeting toggled on when it comes to keyword research. This way, instead of doing all of the research yourself about what keywords your consumers use, you can let the Amazon algorithm let you know what they use and display your product for them automatically.

After the tests are over, they will provide you with a list of the keywords your clients search for and bring you the highest conversion to sales, which you can then implement into your other manual campaigns. It is a cakewalk!

Secondly, it is not enough to know what the keywords are; you also need to match them optimally. Ideal matches will ensure larger visibility for your products as the better match the keywords are to the exact search query, the higher the product appears in the results.

The good news is, you do not have to do it by yourself at all! All you have to do is select one of the pre-set matching mechanisms on Amazon, and they will do the job for you. Plenty of companies can set up all of those for you! You can pick from four: broad match type, phrase match type, exact match type, and negative match type.

Lastly, once you have all of this information about which keywords and matches perform well, it is time to optimize your listing. You must include these keywords and learnings into your Amazon post as this determines the results they show up in.

The easiest way to do this is to make sure your product title, key features, description, and backend search terms include these keyword matches. As long as a customer can find them in these sections of your post, they will surely appear in their search results!

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