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Go Viral: Making Online Food Sensations

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a food manufacturer, one of the main goals nowadays is to

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a food manufacturer, one of the main goals nowadays is to have a viral food become a hit. Whether it is sriracha or the cronut, viral food hits can bring large profits to your company. But viral food hits are not made overnight. There is a lot of preparation involved in making it happen. If you want to make some waves on the internet, here are some tips on how to do that.

Get The Right Help

Your product won’t be a viral hit unless you have some help. There are several groups and individuals. A PR communications agency is nice to get the initial word out but you are going to need more than that. Becoming viral requires you to get the attention of a critical mass of online individuals. You can do this in several ways. One is by generating buzz on your social media accounts. You’ll need to release content that will make your product look good. Additionally, you’ll need the help of influencers. These are what will push your product into the limelight. This ensures that more people see your product so it can have a higher chance of sharing. Sharing is what will get your product to go viral.

Create Engaging Content

The very foundation of going viral on the internet is having shareable content. These can be pictures or short videos of your product. For example, if you want your pizza taco to become a hit, you need to make content that people want to share on their social media account. While there are several reasons why people share things, one of these is content that gets people reacting. If someone reacts positively to your content, the likely they are to share it. To ensure that you have good content, take a step back and look at it objectively. If it looks appetizing and makes your mouth water, then there is a good chance that people will be sharing.

Make It a Fun Experience

When people share things on social media, it is likely because of emotion. Something might make them angry or sad then they’ll want to share it with the world. But the real winner of the emotional lottery when it comes to going viral is joy. Studies show that positive emotions are what encourages people to share on social media. They want their friends to see it and have the same fun experience, too.


When it comes to food, this usually means delivering delicious flavors. Many viral food hits tend to be sweet because that’s what people like. But besides tasting good, eating your food should also be a tactile experience. Some people talk about mouthfeel and that is important. For example, cheese is a favorite ingredient because of how great it feels in the mouth when it melts. Look for ingredients and flavors that deliver a great experience for everyone.


Viral popularity is a great way to ensure that your product becomes a hit. Making it happen is not easy but it is very possible. Take the opportunity to develop your online campaign so that you will get the results that you want.

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