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Online Marketers’ Best Interactive Strategies to Drive Better Engagement

Although standard content is still practiced today, more digital marketers are turning to interactive content. Over 93% of

Although standard content is still practiced today, more digital marketers are turning to interactive content. Over 93% of professionals say it’s a highly effective strategy to increase engagement and educate prospective customers. That’s because today’s online shoppers want to interact with brands and get a ‘feel’ of the product or services before making a purchase.

Because of this, interactive content has become the fuel that every brand needs to succeed.

Here are the different types of interactive content online marketers are using and can work for any business – and why you should incorporate it into your marketing campaign.


When users pick a product or service, most have a limited understanding of how it works. Although first-timer users may know UX patterns in popular functions such as lower tab navigation or hamburger menus, this usually isn’t enough to keep fickle users from coming back. This is where outsourcing mobile game development for your products and services can help, providing users with a fun and uncomplicated way of discovering everything they need to know about them.

It works so well because it can trigger real and powerful human emotions, resulting in a positive experience, increased engagement, customer loyalty, and profits.

Polls and Surveys

A classic yet still effective way of producing simple interactive content is through setting up polls and surveys. Anyone can quickly set them up and help them get valuable information from your target audiences, such as customer feedback regarding your products or services, audience insights, and buying preferences. The trick to successful and highly engaging polls and surveys is not to ask too much to avoid deterring people.

Interactive Videos

Although a video in itself can already provide an immersive experience, adding ‘interactive’ functions such as clickable areas or hotspots can add even more to the experience. It allows users to have a ‘real’ feel of a product or service, making them more confident in making purchasing decisions. This interactive content gives marketers creative freedom with their brand messaging, letting them engage with consumers in ways conventional videos can’t accomplish. Interactive videos can contribute to longer view times, improved customer interactions, and increased social shares.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are essentially the same as your common infographics-but it uses animation to allow users to interact with the design, enabling individuals to discover information on their own by clicking, scrolling, and unfolding over the content. It provides a more ‘engaging’ experience to users, generating more social shares, and attracting more attention.

Why Online Marketers Are Embracing Interactive Content

Over 27 million pieces of content get shared throughout the internet every day, making it a competitive landscape for any business. That’s why more digital marketers are opting for interactive content as it gives them a fair chance of standing out among the noise-ultimately increasing leads and engagement. These opportunities include:

  • Unique opportunities to have two-way conversations with clients, giving both sides a better perspective of one another.
  • Educate consumers better by providing a more immersive experience.
  • Give prospective customers a fun way to explore products and services.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, attention has never been more important, and your content needs to go beyond the standard practices to stand out among the rest. The strategies mentioned can transform static content into something that’s immediately engaging-increasing brand awareness and lead generation.

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